Kavitha Pramod

I am a Computer programmer by profession. Born and brought up in Bangalore having my roots in the South Canara District of Karnataka, India. I always wanted to travel and see places. Priorities in life had prevented me by doing so. Since the time I got married to Pramod Viswanath in 2010, things have changed tremendously on my travel ambitions.  I started to travel with Pramod and my passion towards photography increased as I started shooting with Pramod. During the travels, my experience witnessing different  cultures and traditions, food etc had a profound effect on my way to seeing things. I am also a bibliophile and love reading spiritual and philosophical books. While observing the nature or while talking to people I have come across many incidents that touched my heart and have left with many unanswered questions with me.  Through this site I wish to share my thoughts and get answers to my questions if possible.



Pramod Viswanath

I am a  self taught photographer from Bangalore, puts into practice my techniques of seeing and photography in the western ghats region of Karnataka. The wilderness as a whole has a lasting effect on my mind, whether it be the mighty Himalayas of the North, or the tropical jungles of the South. I have been frequenting the wild trying to understand nature and to photograph the most beautiful creations ever since I got my first DSLR –  Canon 30D.You can find me, somewhere in the wild at the crack of dawn photographing nature. As days rolled by, my love for nature and photography has also grown by leaps and bounds. My goal is to create images that resonate with my emotions and to evoke a sense of care and responsibility towards Nature in the viewers mind. When at home you can find  me glued to internet interacting with the larger photographers’ community and enjoying the zillions of images posted on the web. I love watching Sir David Attenborough on animal planet. I am  also passionate about travelling and my ambition is to travel the world in this lifetime.

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