Change in Emotions

Normally, when Pramod is back from his trip, he is very excited about sharing his experiences with his family and friends. He narrates the uniqueness of the place, traditions followed by people, landscapes and most common habitats of that region, their characteristics and all that with the images he has made.

It was in January 2012, Pramod came back from his very short trip to Kutch, Gujarat. As always, he started narrating all that he witnessed during his trip. About the size of wild ass, speed with which it runs, the way tribal women in Gujarat decorate their arms with colorful bangles, mud cracks on barren lands, dikes built for extracting salt etc. etc.

Among all, the most I liked are the pictures of playful kits of Indian fox. Vixen had gone away, probably for hunting. These kits were having fun – rolling on one another, playing with grass blades, playing hide & seek (hiding in their burrow), biting, scratching, cuddling each other, unaware of the feral dogs, who was making surreptitious plan to kill these kits. While looking at the pictures, I could sense the energy, love, innocence in the bright black eyes of the kits. Every animal lover  understands  how joyous  it is to watch the young ones play.

Fox Kits, LRK, Gujarat, India

Fox Kits, LRK, Gujarat, India

The above pictures reminded me of another fox family that we were fortunate enough to observe during our trip to Desert National Park, Rajasthan.  But, these were  relatively older ones. They were feeding on Ber phal ( Ziziphus Mauritian)  and at times hid under the vegetation to escape the heat of the day. We hung around for about couple of hours in this place to watch them and better understand their behaviors and interactions. All that we witnessed  was only fights. They kept on fighting; I am not sure for what – may be food, space, or power? The same black eyes seemed very ferocious in this case. The fight was so wild, seemed to end with the death of one.

Indian Fox, Fight, Desert National Park, Rajasthan, India

Indian Fox, Fight, Desert National Park, Rajasthan, India

These contrasting emotions seems to be natural with all creatures.  Of course, when we humans, being the most intellectual creatures fight for space, food, power, partner and many more, Is it not the wild fights among these animals/birds just natural?

Considering the wild world and not so wild scenarios, this small illustration made me realize that all species undergo change in emotions as they grow and this what I intend to convey through this post.

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  1. Sangeetha says:

    that is why we say….”Makkalu devara sammana”.

  2. Beautiful images and good wordings. Monochrome images don’t make much impact. Wonderful details otherwise.

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